Liquid Love celebrates the third anniversary of Italian Energy Drink.

In a surreal context, located on the island of love, between the pink island and the sinful island, Pink Passion seduces Light Blue on the notes of Liquid Love by Kreaem. Do it like us, drink Pink Passion and Light Blue, frozen, wherever you are, and let them carry you from the intense Energy for Passion of an all-Italian dream.

Pink Passion + Light Blue, an Italian Energy Drink Story

A story of love and passion by Italian Energy Drink, set on some of the most beautiful squares of Verona and Venice, with a final in the magical Piazza degli Scacchi in Marostica. The meeting between the young melancholy Light Blue® and the beautiful and seductive Pink Passion® travels on the song "Soleil chaleur (Soleil + chaleur + moi + toi)", the original title of the pop Canadian singer Ariane Moffatt.


Thought for her, Pink Passion® is an energy drink made of taurine, caffeine and vitamins B6 and B12. In pink color, it has a delicious strawberry flavor and passion fruit: sensual, voluptuous and refined, is characterized by a seductive and exotic scent. The can presents some pink sketches dipped around a blue heart.

You can drink it cold, with or without ice, smooth or mixed with vodka, to give energy to the feminine passion.

To Pink Passion is served her drink in Piazza delle Erbe in Verona.

Light Blue® is an energizing drink made of taurine, caffeine and vitamins B6 and B12. Its blue color packs a strong flavor, bright and pleasant, created for him: confident, determined and bold, but with a passionate heart and generous. The can presents some blue sketches dipped around a pink heart.

A drink to be enjoyed cold, with or without ice, straight or with the addition of vodka, in order to awake with energy the passion to masculine.

To Light Blue is served his drink at Caffè Florian in Piazza San Marco in Venice.


Founded in June 2014, Italian Energy Drink is a young and innovative company, founded with the aim of creating a new trend in the field of energy drinks and to bring a new style in the world of club.

Pink Passion®, studied for her, and Light Blue®, dedicated to him, are the two energy drink designed to stimulate the passion in a fun, putting in pole position the quality of the Made in Italy.

Ape Piaggio and Italian Energy Drink run together as a symbol of Italian style: in the most picturesque squares, Pink Passion® and Light Blue® are distributed through its own branded vans.

An opportunity to meet and socialize, accompanied by music and images, to create a pleasant climate, and lead among the people the message of Italian Energy Drink: the passion and the joy of living every day with energy.

The Passion's Paradise®, directly managed and franchised, are the rooms in which Pink Passion® and Light Blue® are consumed in a privileged way.

Everything in these rooms is built on the concept of passion. The design is particularly engineered; the predominant colors, pink and light blue, recall the colors of the drinks.

The original style draws neoclassical motifs in order to maximize the ability to create empathy. Music, eclectic and trendy, is spread also via web live through the Passion's Radio.


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